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SAP success tips and insight

Derek Prior 01-Jun-2022 15:55:48 14 min read

4 SAP best practices that will help you prepare for S/4HANA migration

SAP S/4HANA was launched way back in 2015. After a slow start this latest generation of ...
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Stuart Browne 16-Mar-2022 15:01:07 10 min read

Bill & Ted's SAP Centre of Excellence Adventure

Hi, welcome to the future. San Dimas, California, 2688. And I’m telling you it’s great ...
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Julian Rawlinson 16-Mar-2022 12:26:58 22 min read

S/4HANA and SAP CoE staff retention ideas

Let’s be realistic – you are going to lose some of your SAP specialists at some point ...
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Stuart Browne 14-Mar-2022 12:03:24 3 min read

Are your SAP users washing their hair in dirty water?

My partner gets through shampoo and conditioner much quicker than I do.
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Stuart Browne 14-Mar-2022 11:50:25 5 min read

What can a Piano Tuner teach you about SAP S/4HANA optimisation?

It started when I was as a teenager with a need to impress my Dad.
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Nick Coburn 14-Mar-2022 11:32:58 7 min read

The Lost SAP S/4HANA Business Case

The last vestige of daylight was fading fast and I had lost my bearings. I was trying to ...
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Stuart Browne 10-Mar-2022 11:27:10 5 min read

The Ultimate SAP Centre of Excellence

I set up my first SAP Centre of Excellence by accident.
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Ross Barnes-Moore 21-Feb-2022 13:19:32 12 min read

Smashing 3 common myths and objections about SAP CoEs

Most people working in SAP or ERP will have heard of a Centre of Excellence, but for many ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore 21-Feb-2022 09:59:11 13 min read

Declutter your SAP Programme: 5 ways to get more value from your investment

If you’ve looked at a straw donkey from a 1997 trip to Malaga and pondered “but does it ...
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